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House Schedule for JUNE 23, 2017
Antiquities/Art Trade Illicit Activity

JUNE 23, 2017 -- Terrorism and Illicit Finance Subcommittee (Chairman Steve Pearce, R-N.M.) of House Financial Services Committee hearing on "The Exploitation of Cultural Property: Examining Illicit Activity in the Antiquities and Art Trade."
Attorney Advertising/Ethical Responsibilities

JUNE 23, 2017 -- Constitution and Civil Justice Subcommittee (Chairman Steve King, R-Iowa) of House Judiciary Committee hearing on "Examining Ethical Responsibilities Regarding Attorney Advertising."
Safety Net Health Programs Extension

JUNE 23, 2017 -- Health Subcommittee (Chairman Michael C. Burgess, R-Texas) of House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on "Examining the Extension of Safety Net Health Programs."
Legislative Branch Appropriations Bill

JUNE 23, 2017 -- Legislative Branch Subcommittee (Chairman Kevin Yoder, R-Kan.) of House Appropriations Committee markup of the FY2018 Legislative Branch Appropriations Bill.
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